The Witcher 4 Has Been Officially Confirmed By CD Projekt RED

Strike one, Strike two, Strike three and you are out! Well that’s how it works but not in the case which you are about to read. Witcher trilogy game series have been a hit on all 3 strikes selling over 25 million copies all over the planet! That’s almost twice the population of greece !

CD Projekt Red is now worth a whopping $ 1 billion on the polish exchange and as a icing on the cake, the game also received “Game of the year” award in 2016. What an achievement but now what? The trilogy series has come to an end with a bang, or has it ? Surely there will not be a 4th when the series was meant to be a trilogy?

To the excitement and enthusiasm of the loyal fans, CD Projekt has accepted to work on witcher 4! That’s what 25 million hits can do! As noted by Gamsoft back in december 2015, CD Projekt did agree that not having a fourth game after such support would be unfair to the fans. A statement that will be surely be a melody to the ears of gamers worldwide and they thoroughly deserve it, thanks to their support and loyalty this landmark was achieved, now they get what they all wanted.

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As for CD projekt, this will be their time to outperform competition once again and sure enough they now have more resources than ever before. Exciting times for the polish company and surely something to look forward to.

After all this surely the fans would like to know when the game is planned to be released. So many questions to be asked. Will the new series be centered around Ciri? Will the coming adventures be centered around Geralt’s protege? There has been no confirmation on when CD Projekt plan on releasing the game and according to their current projects it could be late 2018. This is when we tell ourselves, patience is bitter but the fruit is sweet. With their current game ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ on the horizon, there will be enough adventures for the fans to go on till the release of Witcher 4. With the kind of traction CD projekt have gotten, each game they release will now have the chance to be out of this world. For now the news of the game continuing will be more than enough for the fans to feed on and await for another blockbuster hit to capture their minds. Let the mind fantasies begin!

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