The Witcher 4 Release Date, All Features, Game Play, News and Much More

With huge success from Witcher series, all fans are super excited for the release of Witcher 4 game. The Witcher game series is one of the top level action role playing video game series developed by CD projekt RED. As Witcher 3 game received 10/10 rating from Steam, Gamespot and sold its one million copies in just 6 days, all gaming fans are excited for the release of next Witcher sequel. Fans all around the world want to know what new features, stages or characters will come in the new Witcher series game.

The Witcher 4 Game

The game will be the 4th in the series preceded by The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and The Witcher. The game has also won “Game of the Year” awards multiple times. There were two expansion packs that were also released for the game named Hearts or Stone & Blood and Wine. The Witcher 4 is expected to have more difficult battle stages with lots of exciting features.

Fans are extremely excited for the release date of Witcher 4 game. Though the developers has not verified anything about the release of the game, we can predict and discuss many things of the Witcher 4 game.

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About The Witcher 4

After the huge success of the Witcher game series, the fans are now extremely excited about Witcher 4 game. There is no official news about the game from the developers but still fans has already started talking about the game. The overwhelming response of Witcher 3 game has made fans more excited for the Witcher series games. The main protagonist Geralt of Rivia is expected to be present in Witcher 4 too.

There are some rumors out there on some gaming forums about the change of character, but since we haven’t got any official notification from the developers CD projekt RED, we cannot say whether those rumors are true or not.

With the amazing response of the Witcher 3 game, the co-founder of CD projekt RED (Game Developers) posted a letter on the official site thanking all the people for their support and love for the game. He also stated that “With an average of 90+ on every platform, Wild Hunt is our dream coming true.”

With such amazing feedback, we all can expect that there will be a next version of the game. Also, since the launch of Witcher 3 was a record breaking business. We all can guess the excitement of all fans from the world about the Witcher 4 game. Now, let talk a little bit about the expected release date of the game.

The Witcher 4 Release Date

The Witcher 4 Release Date

We can simply predict the Witcher 4 release date by looking at the release date the Witcher series sequels. According to the release dates of the 3 Witcher series game we expect the release date of Witcher 4 game to be around 2018 -2019. You can see the release date of the already released game sequels in the below given table. By this you can also be able to predict the date by yourself.

The Witcher 4 Release Date Prediction:

Name Release Date Developer
The Witcher 26 October 2007 CD Projekt RED
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings 17 May 2011 CD Projekt RED
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 15 May 2015 CD Projekt RED
The Witcher 4? 2018-2020? CD Projekt RED

The Witcher game series started after the novel named “The Witcher” by the author Andrzej Sapkowski. The very first game was based on the same name of the novel “The Witcher” and was released on 26 October, 2007. The game follows the story of Geralt, traveling monster hunters for hire who have supernatural powers.

The next game of the Witcher series named “The Witcher: Assassins of Kings ” was released on 17 May 2011 and the third game in the series named”The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” was released on 19th May 2015.

After looking at all the release dates, we can predict The Witcher 4 release date to be around 2018-2020. These predicted dates are not confirmed as there is no official notification from the developers.

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The Witcher 4 Trailer

The official trailer of Witcher 4 game is not yet released by the developers. As soon as the trailer is release we’ll update this section. Till then you can watch some fan-made trailer below. Note: The trailer below is just a fan made trailer, as till now there is no official trailer released by the company.


The Witcher 4 Feature Wish List

With the overwhelming response of Witcher series games, the fans now have higher expectations for the new witcher series game. Some are saying that there were will be a new character in the game and others are saying there will be more places in the game to walk around.

Looking over to all the rumors on various forums, we have created this small Witcher 4 features wishlist of what the fans of the game are expecting.

The Witcher 4 Feature Wish List

New Character: As we researched some of the top gaming forums to take a look at what the fans are talking about. We came to know a rumor about a new character in the game. The Witcher 4 fans are expecting Ciri as main character in Witcher 4 game. The story line from Geralt was amazing, but this time fans are expecting that Geralt will be terminated and Ciri should be the protagonist for a good story.

New Level of Graphics: The Witcher 3 was well known for the graphic that it had. The super quality graphics of Witcher game series has raised the expectations of the fans to the next level. The fans of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt game trust the developers and expect more high quality graphics in the Witcher 4 game.

New Places to Move Around: Having old Geralt’s world in the game will make the game boring. So there should be some new places to make the game more interesting and exciting. The Witcher fans are expecting a new world in the game so that they can take their interest to the next level. It’s true that Geralt’s world was made very beautiful, but introducing a new world can really take the game to the next higher levels.

Upgraded Combat: We know that the level of combat mechanics in Witcher 3 game was already excellent but with rising expectations of the fan, there can be another room of improvement. The Witcher 4 game can upgrade the combat mechanics to make it more fluid and interesting.

New Magic Activities: The new Witcher  game can have more magic activities than the older version. As of now, Geralt utilitises one-handed magic spells technique in combat called Signs to ward off threats. There are 5 different Signs that Geralt can use at his discarding – Aard, Igni, Yrden, Quen and Axii. Imagine, if there are more magic spells in the game. We don’t think this is a bad idea. The developers might add some more new spells to make the game more interesting.

The Witcher 4 System Requirements

According to CD projekt RED (developers), the recommended system requirement for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt games was 64-bit Windows 7 or 64-bit Windows 8 (8.1), Direct X 11 (Must), Intel CPU Core i7 3770, Nvidia GPU GeForce GTX 770 or AMD GPU Radeon R9 290, 6GB RAM, and a Disk Space of 40GB.

We can expect a similar system requirement for The Witcher 4 with a little increment in processor’s generation and RAM. We’ll also update this section of our post as soon as we get some official notification from the developers of the game.

News About Witcher 4

Latest Updates

Witcher 4 will not be coming soon!

In an interview with Euro gamer, CD Projekt Red’s co-founder Marcin Iwinski says “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s upcoming Blood and Wine expansion will be the last piece of Witcher content for a long time”. The interview also ends with a conclusion that if there would be next series in the game, then it would not be coming soon. As per the rumors and predictions, it can be delayed to late 2020 or 2022.